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My Venture Into Photography

Today is my first of many blog posts on photography. I wanted to get into amateur photography so I went out and bought a fresh Sony A65 DSLR. So far there’s been no regrets. This camera has everything you could want and more. Feels so good in your hands you won’t want to set it down. It shoots great, is a decent size, and I couldnt be happier with it. It truly makes taking pictures fun.
Sony A65 out of the box

One great resource I have been using to learn everything from aperture to shutter speed is Digital Photography School. They have everything and more. Tons of resources for the beginner all thew way up to the pro. Here’s a great link to alot of good beginner information that’s helped me out: Beginner Tutorials

Here are a few shots from my A65:

Sunset on the lake

Sun shining through in Sokol Park

Dusk in the Townes

More in-depth photography posts coming soon. Until next time Stay Fresh My Friends

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