Ahhhh, the things girls say

I ran across this awesome video today, it pretty much sums up my FF (fresh fiancé). So my fiancé might look a little lot less masculine but this could totally be her.

For those of you not intimately involved in my life I am engaged to pretty much the girliest girl alive (check out her blog). I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard these exact words come out of her mouth.

My favorite one I get daily from FF is, “What’s wrong with my computer?”  Me, “I don’t know, honey; maybe it’s the 600 Pinterest pins you’ve clicked today or the 38 tabs you have open in Google Chrome.”

Anyone who has a girlfriend/wifey can definitely relate to this:


Rooms booked, tickets on the way, let the countdown begin!

I woke up last week, immediately and anxiously checking my email to see if there was one from the Alabama Athletic Department. Well there it was and it said my ticket request for the 2012 NCG had been filled.  Thank God, and parental Tide Pride points!

If you had asked me six weeks ago yesterday, after a 9-6 overtime loss on November 5th, if I thought Bama had a chance to get back in the title hunt, my answer would have been a resounding “NO”.  I remember walking out of the game with my dreams of going to the NCG (that’s the National Championship Game for all you who are yet to Talk Fresh) a mere dream.  I was figuring we’d have to settle for a measly BCS bowl that wasn’t the NCG and play Boise (yes, Bama fans are spoiled, and yes, any bowl game other than the NCG is “measley”).

But against all odds, a “measley BCS bowl” was not meant to be.  In the weeks to come, the stars aligned perfectly, mercury came out of retrograde, and critical teams kept falling and Bama kept winning.

Next thing you know, we have Alabama one game away from sealing the deal with a win against Auburn. After a resounding old-fashioned spanking on The Plains (aka: Auburn, Alabama), all we could do was watch as Oklahoma basically gave OK State the game to try and slide into the NCG.  And somehow, everything magically fell into place for the first SEC vs SEC BCS National Championship Game. Some call it the rematch of the century, and I have to agree.

What it took for Alabama to get back in the title picture:

Week 11: TCU beating Boise St.36-35

Week 12: Iowa St. beating Oklahoma St. 37-31, USC beating Oregon 38-35, and Baylor beating Oklahoma 45-38

You have to understand a few things about being from Alabama.  We take our football very seriously down here.  You can’t claim to be an Alabama fan if you don’t have high expectations for the Tide.  If we’re not going to the NCG, we might as well not be playing in a bowl.  Winning championships is what we do (#14 coming soon), and the fanbase expects no less.  Just ask Bill Curry, a former Bama coach who went 10-1 in 1989, lost to our rival Auburn 3 years in a row, was the national coach of the year, and was fired the next year because you DO NOT lose to Auburn.   The quote “At some places they play football, at Alabama, we live it” is actually very true around here (and apparently it’s true for the big town of Gordo, Alabama, too lolz– check out this picture).

Now here we are.  Rooms booked, tickets on the way, and it’s time to start the countdown to the rematch of the century. 22 days from now we will be leaving for New Orleans to experience the big easy and Bama’s 14 National Championship. All I have to say is you mad Okey St?

Until next time Stay Fresh My Friends and Roll Tide!

Soluto, as coo as the other side of the pillow

If you’ve been looking for a fresh way to remote into computers and fix problems with ease, I’ve found a solution. It’s called Soluto. Now you can manage all of your (and your family members’) computers from one web interface. It’s in private beta, but I’ve got invites for anyone who wants to try it out.

To get a quick overview of Soluto check out this vid:

All you need to do is install the Soluto system tray app on their computer (Windows only for now, I know Mac haters), and you have full control over the troubleshooting of that machine without having to deal with screen sharing or other clunky options. You can open up Soluto’s web interface on any computer and see all the PCs you’re currently troubleshooting (up to 5 are allowed for a free account), and perform any of the following actions:

  • Get information about recent “frustrations”, like freezing or crashing apps and crashes, and loss of freshness.
  • Change the default browser, get rid of toolbars, and free up memory by uninstalling browser add-ons that they don’t need.
  • Push silent upgrades to stop freshless apps and make sure they’re safe and up to date.
  • Track fan speed, temperature, and battery wear, so you can tell them when they might need to go in for repairs.
  • Install apps for them with the click of a button, like Skype, Dropbox, antivirus, and more.

Nothing beats the ease of use of Soluto’s new web interface—-it gives you tons of control, without needing the other party present. Obviously, there’s something to be said for teaching them how to keep their computer fresh, but when it seems like you’re talking to a wall and want to go cray cray on somebody, it’s probably just easier to push those app updates for them.

This is just the beginning of Soluto’s fresh new project; a lot of other features are currently in the works, including support for Macs and mobile phones.

The invites aren’t unlimited, so if it doesn’t work, let me know and I can send you another code.

Grab Your Off The Chain Copy

Just head to the link, use the code, and then sign up for an account mane:

Code: sethsentme

Signup: http://www.soluto.com/newstuff

How do I be Fresh? Step 1: Talk Fresh

Here at “Stay Fresh My Friends” you’ll be encountering a variety of foreign terms and vocabulary that have been a) created entirely by me and my friends or b) cribbed from obscure and underappreciated movies. There’s also a healthy dose of fresh jargon thrown around for good measure. Perhaps take a moment to acquaint yourself before delving deeper into the Freshness rabbithole.

fresh – meaning cool, hot, nice or exquisite. Pretty much something awesome. It’s a really good thing.

coo – a shortened more fresher version of the word “cool”. Used when it takes too much effort to pronounce the “l”.

i remember when – an effective insult. also said when one is acting very immature to the point of extreme annoyance, as in how a young person may act when they have their first alcoholic beverage. Taken from from a great comedy “Step Brothers”.

bra – one of your best, freshest friends.

off the chain – da bomb, really good, delightful.

FTD (fresh to death) – a term used to describe something that is so good it is inexplainable.

gucci – a word that means good, great, fine, awesome and ect. Gucci is the ubiquitous word. Acceptable to use on any occasion.

drank – any type of drink, whether its clear drank, purple grape drank, red drank, strawburry drank, etc.

beer thirty – time of day (usually late afternoon to early evening) at which drinking a beer becomes necessary.

hurr – where you at. as in, “i’m over hurr mane”; also, your do. as in, “check on my new hurr do. Dees dreads is sho fly”

mane – if you don’t know what a mane is, you aren’t one and aren’t fresh enough to know

cray cray – so unbelievably close to sheer insanity that one word cannot express the sentiment alone.

go hard – doing something with 100% effort, but requires some unteachable skill. Something a beast of a man does all day everyday.

fire – used to describe something that is the bomb or tight. I personally use it for food that is really delicious.

dope – fly, cool, sweet, the bombdiggity. not to be confused with the illegal substance. S/O to my friend @christiandan5 for this tight definition yo!

jamz – a tune you’re crushing really hard on

As you can see, I do use alot of words that aren’t of the norm. But hey, most of the stuff that comes out of people’s pieholes sounds just as ridiculous, so just go with it, right?

Jack Black Fresh Moisturizer

So I’ve been looking for a good face moisturizer for some time now. All the ones I would get would either turn my face red or leave it greasy. Then I stumbled upon Jack Black.

NO, NO, not this Jack Black but Jack Black Moisturizer from getjackblack.com (not related to this Jack Black –>)

I’m not big on face moisturizers but it does get cold and my face gets dry down here in the dirty dirty south. If you’re looking for some moisturizer to keep your face fresh get some Jack Black.

I’ve been using it for almost a week now and I have no complaints. It goes on easy and absorbs quickly. Simply put it’s the best, most freshest thing that has ever touched my face.


– fresh
– not thick and absorbs quickly
– doesn’t turn face white
– doesn’t leave face greasy
– has 20 SPF
– all natural


– small bottle
– $27 (a little pricey for the amount you get)

So if you’re looking for a men’s moisturizer this is the one. It leaves no greasy feel, no shine, just all around freshness.

Here’s a link to the Jack Black site and they even throw in 3 free samples with every order:

Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturizer

Woo-woo! The pain train’s comin!

“Terrible” Terry Tate, my hero. If you’ve never seen Terry Tate you’re in for a good one. He makes office workers everywhere cringe. Need more productivity in your office? The solution is simple…. Triple T (“Terrible” Terry Tate).  As Terry would say it he’s, “the meanest, baddest, and downright prettiest Office Linebacker around”.

A few catchphrases include “The pain train’s comin'”, “You kill the joe, you make some mo'”, “You can’t cut the cheese wherever you please!”, and “believe that, baby”.

Fresh First Post

For someone to understand my blog you must first understand fresh. Urban Dictionary explains it perfectly:

Simply put “fresh” is anything that is ballin, fly, hip, stunning, awesome, and/or off the chain.

This blog is all about articles in sports, tech, fitness, and everyday random occurrences of my life that are fresh.

I look forward to writing to the thousands three people who will read this blog. More fresh reads coming soon.

Stay FTD (Fresh to Death)

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