Macbook Pro w/ the Freshness of Retina Technology

Last month I said goodbye to my ole trusty Blackbook and hello to my new Macbook Pro with the freshness of Retina technology.  I have been really patiently waiting to replace my old Macbook and glad I did. This new Macbook Pro w/ Retina is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread.

My pride and joy

The wife and me with our pride and joy

My Mac Build:

Display: 15.4-inch Retina display
Processor – Intel 2.3GHz quad-core i7 processor,
Memory – 16GB RAM
HDD – 256GB flash storage
GPU – Intel HD Graphics 4000 integrated graphics as well as the Nvidia GeForce GT 650M

My thoughts on my new Macbook Pro w/ Fresh Retina Tech:

Screen: The new retina screen is absolutely stunning. It’s 5.18 million pixels is quadruple the resolution of last-generation’s baseline MacBook Pro. Picture going from SD to HD TV, it’s basically the same experience. The other amazing number worth mentioning here is the 178-degree viewing angle, which which means you can see the screen from basically anywhere.

Retina Display

Hardware: It’s super thin. The thickness measures in at 0.71 inches (about as thick as a usb port) and it only weighs 4.46 pounds. In exchange for weight, you’re not being asked to give up all that much. The optical drive was left out but there is a convenient SD and HDMI slot on the right. Also gone is the Ethernet port, replaced by a Thunderbolt adapter (It’ll cost you $29.99.) Likewise, the FireWire 800 port has been removed, replaced by a separate Thunderbolt adapter. The new MBPR comes standard w/ USB 3.0 ports and two Thunderbolt ports. (Interestingly, Apple chose not to make the USB ports blue, as they’re both 3.0 and, therefore, there was no need to differentiate like the PC’s.) There’s the now-standard single headphone jack on the left side and the soon-to-be-standard MagSafe 2 connector.

Performance:  Any laptop that can run Diablo 3 and not be considering a gaming laptop should blow your mind. It runs Diablo and any other apps with ease. When you turn the Mac on it boots in less than 10 seconds thanks to the flash HDD which is very nice. I have finally found a computer that is faster than I can keep up with. No more waiting around for the computer to process. You’ll be on the next screen before you even click the mouse.

Sound: Amazing for a computer that is so thin. To sum it up the sound on my mac sounds better than my Samsung LCD TV I have in my living room.

Battery life, noise, and heat: I tested the battery life and the system lasted around 7 hours (which was advertised). Heat, yes it gets hot and you can burn yourself if you touch where the GPU is located but there’s no cause for concern. The GPU averages temps of 60° C and the CPU 50° C under stress. Also the fans are so quite you wont’ even notice when they come on.

Verdict: There is no one word to sum up how fresh this Mac is. Simply put it’s amazingly fresh. I mean when you’re holding a computer that is as thin as an USB port and can do everything a desktop can it’s simply amazing. If you in the market for a new mac you can get $200 off with the education discount through Apple. On top of that you get a free $100 Mac App store gift card, mine is yet to arrive (be looking for a post of what apps to get when it does). All in all this laptop is the best I’ve ever laid hands on. If you want a laptop that is fast, thin, light, and will last for several years look no further than the new Macbook Pro w/ Retina.

More fresh tech coming soon. Until then Stay Fresh My Friends

  1. Thanks for liking my post! The Retina display was stunning in the store – but I’m just not quite sold for the price tag and lack of DVD player. I know everything’s online these days (Netflix, Hulu, etc.) but I still watch the occasional DVD, especially when I’m on the go and don’t have Internet, and I just can’t bring myself to give that up yet!

    • Thanks! Yeah, I understand it’s not for everyone right now. I don’t really use the DVD player hardly ever so it wasn’t much for me to get one without it.

      The new Macbook Pros are nice as well. They have a lot of power and are a good bang for the buck.

  2. Excellent post. Very helpful. Thanks for the info.

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