Even Marie Laveau couldn’t have saved LSU

For all of you who don’t know who Marie Laveau was, she was the meanest, baddest, voodoo queen of New Orleans back in the day.

LSU thought they could come in the dome and steal our joy but there wasn’t anyone, anything, or any voodoo queen stopping the Tide on the night of the 9th!

(P.S. for a shorter lesson on Ms. Laveau’s voodoo magic check out this song: Bobby Bare – Marie Laveau)

When Alabama senior linebacker Courtney Upshaw addressed his teammates earlier this week, he kept coming back to one word.


“What I told them was, ‘Let’s be legendary,’ ” Upshaw recounted. “And that’s all they heard from me over and over again during the game.”

Oh what a legendary night it was! History was made as Alabama shutout LSU 21-0 for the first time in a BCS National Championship game. I’d like to welcome back our #14th National Championship to “title town“!

Here’s the pics and video from a fun week in the Big Easy:

  1. March 20th, 2012

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